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Stressed Woman
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It's time to feel better!

Solution Focused Consulting is a multifaceted agency offering a variety of mental health services. We offer TELEHEALTH sessions for clients in the states of Louisiana and Texas. More importantly, we want to ensure your mental health needs are being met.  We provide a safe place for you to grieve your past trouble, heal old wounds, and birth your new future. 


It can be scary to get started, but we are confident you are ready to change your life.


Are you...

  • experiencing daily anxiety?

  • overwhelmed by your day-to-day duties?

  • lacking motivation to complete small tasks?

  • feeling without purpose in life?

  • struggling with getting out of bed?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, we may be able to assist you on your journey to healing.

Interested in services? Please complete the referral form below.

A Supportive Hug
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