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Consulting Services

There is some commitment to both your service and your agency needs, which will be discussed during a brief conversation. Phone consultations have the ability to start a relationship. See below for available consulting services to determine the focus of our discussion.

In-Person Evaluation
Clinical Documentation
Agency Training

In general, there are simply some topics that may not be addressed over the phone. In-person evaluations give us a chance to understand the operations of your agency. We can experience all aspects while we are in your office.

Please note: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, in-person evaluations will be conducted virtually until further notice. 

Clinical documentation helps to inform and support agencies by supplying information to accreditation bodies, providing insight into client progress, and informing licensed staff of what staffers are working on with their clients.

When you’re tasked with running an agency, you expect your employees to be as efficient as possible. However, not every employee is going to check all the boxes right from the start. Everyone has certain weak areas that will need development, and that’s where employee development training courses come in.

Team Building
File Auditing
Need More Specialized Services?

Team building can also involve structured activities and exercises employees on the team can lead, which is one way in which team norms are established. 

When running an agency that accepts insurance, you must ensure your documentation is accurate. We will conduct an audit similar to MCOs and CARF to ensure you know how to improve moving forward.

Are you in need of services not listed? Contact us for a specialized quote for your business needs.

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