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Interested in Life Coaching?

With everything going on in the world, it can be difficult for some individuals to manage all the tasks they gave going on in their daily life. Stress Management Coaching can assist clients in looking at their life in many domains such as work, home, emotional, and physical well-being.  From there the coach and client can develop positive strategies to help get over some of those barriers. 


Differences from Counseling

An article by Geeta Ramakrishnan states, “You seek a life coach when you are surrounded with stress, feel stuck in life with a problem or an  issue, not knowing how to handle it and feel frustrated in life, you have low self-confidence,  you need motivation, you need to be a better version of yourself and need that push, you need help to reflect your next step, you are unhappy and unsatisfied in your job and maybe want to change your job or your profession, you are feeling low, you have a relationship issues, you want a better work-life balance, you want to improve your health but don’t know the next step and you need someone to handhold you, you procrastinate and waste time and need help in planning and organizing your life better.


Coaches focus on introspection and are action-oriented when it comes to resolving the issue. They believe in giving the clients problem-solving skills rather than specific solutions to a problem. It helps the client handle and successfully adapt to any other situation and stress the client may face in the future. They work with you to identify the problem, set goals to resolve the problems and create a path to achieve the goals.”

Symptoms of Stress

  • a sense of overwhelm

  • racing thoughts

  • anxious

  • difficulty sleeping

  • a change in appetite

  • snapping at people

  • difficulty making decisions

  • tearful or crying

  • difficulty breathing

  • headaches

  • digestive issues

  • chest pain

  • feeling dizzy or disorientated

  • muscle tension

  • exhaustion

  • increased blood pressure

Strategies that Help

  • Setting boundaries

  • Tracking stressful triggers

  • Saying “No”

  • Managing Daily Stressors

  • Developing Healthy Responses

  • Get Support


  • Alleviates anxiety

  • Better Quality of Life

  • Difference perspective

  • Heighten Self-Awareness

  • Clarity of Purpose

  • Discover Happiness

Disclaimer: Coaching is not meant to replace mental health counseling. Coaches doesn’t diagnose mental illness nor can they bill insurance for their services. However, coaching is an emerging field and it is projected that more and more people will be turning to coaching in the future to achieve their personal and professional potential.


INDIVIDUAL COACHING – varies by coach. Please reach out if you are interested in purchasing a plan.





  • Please note: Packages are non-refundable and non-transferable.

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