Support Group Session
Therapy is an investment in yourself. As a counselor, I take a person-centered approach. The person-centered approach works on three principles: 1. Unconditional Positive Regard (creating an empathic and non-judgmental environment), 2. Empathic Understanding (complete understanding and acceptance of your thoughts and feelings), and 3. Congruence (presenting my true self to you in the session by being honest and transparent).

Oftentimes, people in our life do not give us the opportunity to voice our feelings fully. In our sessions, I believe you will benefit from being the one doing the majority of the talking. I want to understand what you have been experiencing. It will be a chance for self-discovery, self-acceptance, and healing old wounds.

Ms. Lee is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor. She has worked in MHRs since receiving her Master's in 2013 from Southeastern Louisiana University. She received her LPC in August 2015 and became a LPC-S in August 2018. Ms. Lee is currently working on her Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision at Walden University.  


In her previous positions, she has served as a Wraparound Facilitator and a Mental Health Professional (MHP) by providing individual and family counseling service to the client in their homes, in school, and surrounding community. As a Clinical Manager and Clinical Director, she provided clinical supervision and training to non-licensed staff. As a Utilization Manager, she reviewed outpatient behavioral health requests from providers credentialed with Managed Care Organizations.


Ms. Lee has experience opening satellite offices for established MHRs. She has developed training manuals and facilitated numerous mandated trainings. She has been through several credentialing processes, such as CARF and Louisiana MCOs. In addition, she has experience with surveys conducted by MCOs, which ensure mental health agencies are up to standards.

Our Intern

With a background in human services and wellness professions, Mrs. Paul is a passionate counselor-in-training with empathetic listening skills to help you feel heard, seen, and valued as a unique individual. As a person who has experienced her own share of life’s challenges, she understands when we need someone to walk beside us and respectfully help us navigate during life’s hard moments. Having been a client in the counselor’s office, she understands the courage it takes to reveal the vulnerable parts of life.

As a military spouse, she has experienced the struggles families can face during service, and she has a desire to support the family system. Mrs. Paul also has a special desire to help women and families struggling with infertility, child loss, and pregnancy after loss.

Her goal is to help individuals, families, and groups move toward their futures. Life experiences have shown her the value of the counseling relationship and has fueled her desire and commitment to help clients heal and experience the joy awaiting them after the storm.

Areas of Interest

  • Individuals

  • Children

  • Couples

  • Families

  • Military Active Duty/Veterans and their families

  • Foster and Adoption Youth and Families

  • Infertility

  • Child Loss

  • Grief Counseling

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Our Vision

Solution Focused Consulting believes mental health services need to be available to everyone. No matter your race, gender, sexual preference, religion, or financial situation, we believe the best care should be affordable for all. Solution Focused Consulting also wants to assist other agencies in performing to the best of their abilities. When agencies excel, our families can become the best version of themselves. We intend to assist agencies in creating clear and concise policies governed by state standards and employ highly trained staff to provide quality services to the families they serve. Our goal is to empower agencies to advocate for the community they serve.

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