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Group counseling is a great support system to assist you explore healthy behaviors and find new ways of coping. An advantage of group therapy is that it helps people recognize that they are not alone in their concerns. Realizing that others have experienced similar difficulties can be an encouraging and empowering experience.

The Goddess Hour

Image by Clay Banks

Goddess Hour is for Adult women who want to overcome anxiety, depression, independence struggles, and any other obstacle that is blocking their inner goddess.


The Goddess Hour group combines:

  • Psychotherapy to improve your coping skills and help you find insight into your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

  • Support from the other goddesses in the group who may have similar struggles.

  • Process which will allow real-time interactions with the other goddesses in the group.

  • Psychoeducation to help you better understand the disorders you are working to overcome.




Membership Requirements: To be apart of The Goddess Hour group you have to be an adult woman in Texas and Louisiana who are hoping to receive support in meeting and discovering their inner goddess.

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