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My first self-care workbook is available for order. (Paperback)




I Got This! was created to be a workbook to help people reflect on their journey and support them during moments of self-discovery or self-care. It is the first installment in a series of workbooks for personal exploration.


Using this workbook as a tool, take time to write affirmations, proclaim positive statements of focus, meditate, and bring yourself to a better mindset. Allow this workbook to guide you to success, learn to speak to yourself rather than about yourself, and achieve self-care.


You got this!




This workbook is composed of 40 inspirational quotes and affirmations, 40 individual journaling prompts, three self-care/personal inventory activities, and two bonus activities for planning ahead and getting organized.


If you are on a journey toward greater self-care and wellness, this workbook is an effective guide and progress measure. 


If you are a counselor or coach, it can be a supplemental tool to use during counseling or coaching sessions with your clients. 

I Got This! - Workbook

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