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'Tis the season to have fun!!!!!

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

With Christmas upon us, we have to find some safe, fun, and creative activities to spend time with our loved ones this holiday season. I have thought of 5 fun ways to make your holiday season jollier.


1. A Zoom Ugly Sweater Party.

What is more fun than getting dressed up in an ugly sweater for Christmas? Gather your loved ones virtually on Zoom and vote on who has the worst sweater. You could even make a 1st place prize for the winner.

2. Christmas Movie Marathon.

There are many great Christmas movies on Netflix, Hulu, Lifetime, and many other platforms. Choose at least 2 to 3, and binge-watch them to your heart's content. Or you could be like me and binge-watch A Christmas Story when it's replayed all day on Christmas Eve.

3. Virtual Christmas Caroling.

I know many of us were not blessed with the gift of singing, but what is more fun than singing Christmas carols with your family? For an added bonus, Facetime some of your relatives to join in on the fun.

4. Christmas Light Sight-Seeing.

Years ago, my sweet little cousin used to live to ride around and look at what she dubbed the "pretties.” I know some neighborhoods go all out with their Christmas décor. It is always so much fun trying to choose the best-decorated house.

5. Surprise Present Drive-By.

Last but not least, what is more fun than gift-giving? It can be a new form of Secret Santa. Randomly drop by a friend’s house, and leave an inexpensive gift at his or her door. There is still a little time to get some fun gifts together.

While I know Covid-19 has put a damper on many of our holiday traditions, we are still resilient people who can bounce back from anything. I hope this holiday season, new traditions are made and are even better than ever!

Happy Holidays,

Danielle Lee, LPC-S

Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor in Louisiana and Texas

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